by Laetoli Steps

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Recorded at Oh My Studios, Bangkok, Thailand
All songs written by Rich Cramp (Laetoli Steps)

Laetoli Steps is an ongoing and ever-changing indie-folk project led by songwriter Rich Cramp. Formerly the lead guitarist in the London based lo-fi outfit Garlic, one of Bella Union’s first signings, he went on to form his own band My Rocket 88 in 2003. For the next few years they gigged and toured across the UK, their style of indie-rock gaining them a following and a favorable response from the music press. In 2008 Rich formed Laetoli Steps, a solo project incorporating a quieter, more folk-infused sound. Working predominantly with his wife Erika and collaborating with other musicians, Rich recorded and released his self-titled debut in 2010 and has now completed his sophomore album, ‘Banyan’, which is scheduled for release in January 2013.

Incoming reviews for 'Banyan":

Laetoli Steps’ second album Banyan yet again showcases Rich Cramp’s clear talent for writing infectious pop-tinged folk music.
Carly Goodman (

For reasons of unchallenging high quality, I dare say Laetoli Steps are the most likely of this month’s crop to reach mainstream success.
Neil Mcleod, (

Past reviews:

“Make this record your first blind purchase of the year”
247 Magazine

"I know ‘interesting’ can mean a number of different things, but on this occasion it’s definitely good."
The Beat Surrender

"Laetoli Steps are an emerging new band who deserve as much exposure as possible to showcase their clear talents"


released November 5, 2012

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin - Rich Cramp
Vocals, Keys: Erika Cramp
Violin: Emma Dunnell
Pedal Steel: Marcus McMarrol



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Laetoli Steps Bangkok, Thailand

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Track Name: Foolish To Follow
Don't go out tonight, I don't know why.
It's just raining.
I can see this light, it's blinding my eyes on time.
On time.
On time.

Cos I was foolish to follow the first girl to happen
For so long, it's been so damn long.
Can't you see it's not time yet?
No, no...

I'll just take this time, to just take my time for a while.
And I'll wonder how I got myself in that hole.

I was foolish...
Track Name: Drive
I'm standing on top of the road,
Looking down on all that is
And how it plays on our minds.

So what are you waiting for?
Should be fighting so much more,
Instead of hiding in the rain.

And how long you gonna wait,
Till some time you find a way to the start?

And I'm gonna do something
That I always had to do.
I'll find my way to peace
I'll find it with a fallen tune.
All the way home.

I devastate my minor fears
Sorting out all the things I doubt.
I'm sitting here by the fire.

You tell me you wanna lose?
Ain't got no time for you.
Now go back to the bar.

Oh long happy days,
Will you show me the way
To the start?

You will come to fear,
Something very near.
It's closer than you think
So better start driving.
Drive, drive,
All the way home.
So I drive, and I drive and I drive
All the way home.

You clatter on the door,
You keep her wanting more.

Does he tell his wife
He's gonna end his life?
Or does he stand his ground
And tell her he'll stick around?

I tell you my friend, tears don't lie.
You should have seen her soft blue eyes.
They told me not to quit
And I was just talking shit.
All the way home.

So I drive, and I drive and I drive,
All the way home.
Track Name: Only The Empty
Hey man what's wrong? You seem upset.
You going through the trials in your head?
Thought they were dead.

You didn't go drinking with the gang last night,
Your friend's stopped calling cos there...
There was no answer. There was no answer.

There is a ghost in your place.

Your songs are dark, and you're 33.
It seems your demons are here and will always be.
But I have a key.

A wise man said, not long ago:
"There are those who have more and those who have it all"
And you have most.

He said "The wealth of a man, it must be punished"
And you are a judged man.
Guilty by juries of the real ghosts of the day:
But only the empty bully.

Shoulder your shield, stare like a stone.
Forget the fools who rattle their bones.
Leave them alone.

Pick up your pen, give me that grin.
These are the very best days if you want them.
Hell, I know you want them.

You should allow your self some peace.
Track Name: He Wasn't The Man
I tell you it's not right,
To gather all you light in the dark.
You chose the dimmest torch.

You take it or leave it, but it's chosen you this time.
That's too bad.
A past of rococo's is the past and not your life.
Oh, he wasn't the man for you.

A bruise turned black in a day,
But still he came out to play.
What a fool.
To choose the brightest light...
Track Name: Letting Go
I've seen different days,
They don't seem too wrong.
And in the city lights
I blind my problems for now.

More fine days, more precious nights
No more sound just silence raging.
So tap your feet to this
A kiss from the devil you know
It's so hard, letting go.

Too many coloured lights are holding the trees.
And all the branches bend to reach the roots in the ground.

And all your silly dreams are just mountains to fold.
And as you fill ashtrays with all your weed and it's ways,
You will displace...more fine days.

More precious nights.

No more sound.
Track Name: Here Songs Wait
Release from the other world.
The other time.
Release. There's too much travelling on down the line.
And I said...

Oh my baby, I was crazy.
In this cold dish, I was so foolish.

And here songs wait.

Alone in this funeral I wait for you.
Alone I see the final end. The winner's smile.
And I said...
Track Name: Homerun Horizon
I know we've had our troubles,
But you can't have day without night.
There ain't no sunshine in the morning,
If the moon don't rise.

The devil is a connoisseur,
He'll fool the gold into lead.
And I find hard times yoke the easy,
Better be yoked than dead.

And baby you're mine, you're mine, you know you're mine.
And Valentine's a crime but get in line, you gotta take the ride.
Baby. Baby...can you hear me?

Look out here comes a curve ball,
I'll be your catcher if you miss.
There's a homerun horizon,
If you swing for a kiss.
Track Name: Cut Off Them Fins
Cut off them fins and throw them back to sea.
Cash my payment, oh Lord, now I'm free.
And set her home boys, to our wives and kids.
And I love my kids, I love my kids.

I fish to feed, I work to win.
And when my job is done,
My family and I have won.
We live another day.
Until that stops, there's no other way.

And I'll kill the last tiger on earth,
Cut horns, steal eggs, anything of worth.
Until I"m shown a better road to drive,
The earth can wait to keep my kids alive.

It's vanity, insanity.
But that ain't my concern,
Till the man don't daily earn,
What I make in a year.
So tell me: who's the criminal here?

Cut off them fins, they mean nothing to me,
Cash my wages, ka ching ka ching.

They eat to love, I eat to live.
And after they've had their fill,
I'll return and I'll tempt them still,
Those pigs will always pay.
Until that stops, there's no other way.