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by Laetoli Steps

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It didn't come with any blurb so I had to do a bit of research while listening to opening song 'Sleeping Bears', a lovely shimmer of languid harmonies with a Midlake-esque lilt. By the time 'Biting My Tongue' had almost shuffled off its wistful country twang, I discover that they're actually a London-based supergroup – and a super group – consisting of previous members of bands such as Garlic, Thunderclap Newman and Cornershop. And when the amazing 'Rose' locks into its sultry, rolling gait I'm smitten, hook, line and sinker, with their reflective, dust-bowl confessions. Available through all digital outlets, make this record your first blind purchase of
the year, before the second album drops in the not-too-distant future. (4.5/5)

"I know ‘interesting’ can mean a number of different things, but on this occasion it’s definitely good. Combining elements of indie, with a darker style of chamber pop Bully Bully Bully and the equally as good Arlene’s Grocery have enough about them to suggest that we should hear more of this strangely named four-piece." The Beat Surrender

"Laetoli Steps are an emerging new band who deserve as much exposure as possible to showcase their clear talents"

Laetoli Steps's debut album is an indie-folk project led by Rich Cramp, (previously of John Peel favourites Garlic). These 12 songs feature Nick Johnson of Thunderclap Newman on guitar, Nick Simms of Cornershop on drums, Mia Pixley of The Debutante Hour on cello/vocs, Dr. Cyriel Diels on bass and occasional keyboards from Erika Cramp (previously of Jesse Quin and The Mets). Laetoli Steps were born in London in 2008. The album is out now on Itunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Rich is currently working on his second album and writing this short biog in the third person.


released January 3, 2011

All songs written by Laetoli Steps (Cramp/Pixley/Diels/Johnson/Simms/Cramp)
Mixed and Produced by Nick Johnson.
Artwork by Ed Halsey.



all rights reserved


Laetoli Steps Bangkok, Thailand

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Track Name: Sleeping Bears
I'm sure I've seen this road before
I'm sure I've seen it one day.
I'm tired of the corners and I'm tired of the crossings I've made.

I'm moving agin, I'm moving again.

I can see the glint in your eye.
I'm not blinded.
No no no...

The sleeping bears lie in their caves again,
And the smoke will open their eyes again.
And you'll only discover the truth
When they wake again,
And you just don't know how you'll feed them.
And they'll sharpen their claws on the bark of your mind.

I'm sure I've played this game before
As sure as immortality is young.
I'm tired of the game, you know
I'm tired of the way it is won.

I am silenced.
I am silenced.

Full of half-wasters in this world.

The sleeping bears...
They're sleeping bears.
Track Name: Biting My Tongue
We went through to the mere with beers and hugged the breeze,
And the sun was low down.
In a way melancholy was a guard to use,
And I don't know why.

I listened to my friends talk about some other time
I remember feeling lost
Of all the things that I called mine
I was biting my tongue.

Coming down to some depths I did not know were there,
Something eased my mind.
I just wished that the morning light was easy to bear,
If I'm bound to find a small mercy of sorts
To make up my own mind.
Was there a truth in getting high?
And infinite answer to why I was biting my tongue.

I listened to my friends talk about some other time,
I remember losing sight of all the things that I call mine.
I remember biting my tongue.
Track Name: Rose
I watched her fight the sleet and snow,
The rose grew so strong she grew so slow.
I left all my warmth in my bed,
And I felt like a fool when I said.

I drew strength. I drew strength.
When I saw her grow.
Grow, grow, grow...

And every morning I looked out.
I felt like I should cut her down.
I couldn't stand to see a friend so cold,
But we all shall test what we've told.

And that is life.
And she was life.
That is life,
When I saw her grow.
Grow, grow, grow...

And then one day I came in.
It had been a month since I'd seen,
What had been a rose about nine feet high.
She grew so hard
She had to die.
In my street.
She had to die in my street,
When I saw her grow.
Track Name: Carry You In Sound
Parted roads and dusty codes,
Are telling me what is real.
I used to think that every kind of glove
Could catch every steal.

Even when there's nothing wrong and
Nothing's gonna change.
Instead of life I love the strife that
Punishes and remains.

Summer, summer, summer.
You're such a long time ago.
And lover, lover, lover.
I carry you around in the only way I know how...
I search in sound.

Teasing minds and golden finds,
I'm ready to make a start.
It seems like I've been trying so hard
To touch every bar.

Even when I'm happy and bold
And standing ever so tall.
All these blues and sadder tunes
Just grab me and drag me along.

Clack, clack, telling me how I'm gone.
Tick tock, you tell me in the morning?
And oh no, oh no, she said

"Teasing minds, and golden finds?
Teasing minds? I'll be gone"
Track Name: Hash Of Cash
I wanna sing like Johnny Cash
But I think I'll just make
A hash out of it.
So I sing alone in my room
In the dead-end night and gloom
And I don't feel it.

Honey let's just go out for a while, and drink a bit.
Oh I have made a hash of Cash.

I wanna write like Bob Dylan
But I just get the feeling my pen's not up to it.
So I write songs in my flat
All about Iraq
And they just sound shit.

Honey let's just draw the blinds and play Wii-Fit.
Oh, I just can't revisit Bob

I wanna sound like Sigur Ros
Be the crescendo boss with angelic wings.
So I buy a delay pedal but end up playing metal
And now I'm skint.

I could play one note for an hour as long as the spiff is lit.
Oh, fare thee well my dear post-rock.

I wanna sound like Johnny Cash but I think I'll just make
A hash out of it.
I wanna write like Bob Dylan but I just get the feeling
My pen's not up to it.
I wanna sound like Sigur Ros and be the crescendo boss
With angelic wings.
I wanna dance just like The KIng...
I wanna dance just like him.

Honey let's just go out for a while,
I'm Hank Marvin.
Track Name: You're A Dead Man
A skin crawling day and heart beating night,
Will I ever find joy in all this plight?
Bombs are falling hard, the veil is in it's place,
The man's alive and well, his people no face.

And in all this time that we've fought together,
I get out my weighing scales and the good times I'll measure.
And surprise surprise, like a see-saw it looks,
With all the bad below, and all the good is crooked.

And oh, what do you know?
Another war could grow,
And the tears
The tears will go.

And someday we'll meet in a future so rough,
When all our plans are dead and we've suffered enough.
And sometime I'll see, what you all meant to us,
As joyful as the rain,
As welcome as it's rust.

And here is my home and here is my earth,
Here are all my morals, there truth and all it's worth.
And here is mind to hide away the pain,
I guess I've gotta find a world without this rain.

What do you know?
Another love could grow.
And the tears, the tears will

You're beside yourself
Your guilt keeps you company.
History will be your judge.
You're a dead man.
And I'm beside myself
With anger and apathy.
But I'm beside my friends,
I'm a lucky,